Tikiflex 3003

Tikiflex 3003

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"Flexible Polyolefin Waterproofing Tape"


  • TIKIFLEX 3003 is a high performance waterproofing joint tape designed for water tightness of outside expansion and construction joints exposed to high and permanent water pressure.
  • TIKIFLEX 3003 is highly elastic, root‐resistant and chemically resistant tape and is suitable for installation with adhesives and sealants on various building substrates in critical areas with high and / or frequent movements.

Recommended uses:

TIKIFLEX 3003 is used for waterproof sealing of:

  • Expansion and construction joints, including large ones and that subjected to considerable high and or frequent movements
  • Dynamic cracks and natural joints on structures
  • Corners and junctions before waterproofing treatment
  • Pipes and drains
  • Expansion joints in precast panels
  • Expansion joints together with sealant application

For construction and maintenance works in:

  • Above and below ground applications
  • Tunnels and basements
  • Road joints and hydraulic works
  • Foundations and curtain walls
  • Pools & Treatment plants
  • Balconies and parapet joints
  • Roofs and terraces
  • Bridges and viaducts
  • Dams, reservoirs and water ducts

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