BS Wahren CF (Primer Coat)

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"Laminating & Dust Proofing Coating System for Concrete Floor"


  • BS Wahren CF is a transparent, single component, solvent borne, ready to use coating for the concrete floor.
  • It comes as a combination of Primer Coat and Top Coat.
  • It’s to be used on a fully cured concrete floor with moisture level less than 5%.

Recommended uses:

  • For renewing old concrete floors
  • For newly casted concrete floors
  • For Outdoor and Indoor use
  • Suitable for Garages, Warehouse, Factories & Commercial spaces


Property Area Primer
Coverage 1 Sq m 165 gm 135 gm

*Consumption depends on Porosity of surface.

Downloads Technical Datasheet:

BS Wahren CF Technical Datasheet

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