BS Rainpel - A Water Repellant Coating with Natural Look

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"A Super Hydrophobic Natural look treatment for Masonry & Wood"


  • BS Rainpel Sealer is a 100% transparent, pore penetrating sealing system that creates an invisible hydrophobic layer.
  • It may be used on all kinds of masonry surfaces such as clay brick, cement blocks, marble, granite, limestone, sandstone including wooden surface and on joints in tiling installations.
  • BS Rainpel renders the surface resistant to water ingress and creates Lotus leaf or beading effect to let water float on the surface instead of getting absorbed in the surface.


  • Forms invisible hydrophobic layer
  • Non membrane forming
  • Preserves Natural look of the surface
  • Prevents growth of fungus & stains on the substrate
  • Increases life of stone / façade by reducing the weathering effects due to moisture absorption
  • New generation product can also be applied on exterior wooden elements to preserve their raw natural look.
  • No Smell & Non Flammable with Low VOC.
  • Performs well for exterior use.
  • May be used as grout release on vitrified / ceramic tiles before application of grout Instructions for using BS Rainpel 


BS Rainpel Technical Datasheet

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