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"Composite acrylic polymer based cementitious crack resistant flexible waterproofing coating"


  • MoistureZero is formulated specially for use in combination with all kinds of cement blends.
  • It is to be used in cementitious  slurries as a polymerizing agent and modifier to enhance durability of slurry against moisture ingress along with resistance to hair line cracks.
  • Better performance as compared to similar products like Tapecrete P151 or others.

Recommended uses:

  • Sunken areas
  • Water bodies
  • Terraces where roof garden not present


It depends on the substrate type (smooth or rough) and application skills.

  • On Smooth Concrete 1Kg / 2 Coats / 15-20 Sq. Ft
  • On Smooth Concrete 1Kg /3 Coats with Fibre layer / 8-12 Sq. Ft


BS MoistureZero Technical Datasheet

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