BS Repstrong-2

BS Repstrong-2

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" MicroConcrete for Concrete Repairs  "


BS Repstrong-2 is a high performance, shrinkage-adjusted, pourable micro concrete that is manufactured using specific cement, aggregate, and special additives. Water and coarse aggregate may be added to the site as needed. 

  • Cementitious Repair System for repairs of concrete
  • Conduct repairs easily, just add water 20% be weight of product

    Recommended uses:

    • Water Reservoirs
    • Power stations
    • Roadway extensions and ducts
    • Parking areas
    • Concrete Floorings
    • Sewerage and water treatment structures
    • High Strength Concrete can be made using BS Repstrong-2 at 2:1 mix with 10mm down aggregate by weight.

    How to use

    1. Pour 4 Liter water in a bucket to be mixed with 20Kg Pack
    2. Mix slowly with low speed mixer for 4 minutes
    3. Wait for 2 minutes after mixing and let it mature.
    4. Apply by trowel on a pre-cured surface
    5. You may use bonding agent like BS Epoxy 611 or BS Smartbond 100 as needed.
    6. Curing needed for 4 days
    7. Do not add water again after first mixing.

    Download Technical Datasheet:

    BS Repstrong-2 Technical Datasheet

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