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"SPLASH is a clear single component water based free flowing liquid developed specially for waterproofing of very difficult areas, wherein other waterproofing systems cannot be implemented."


  • Very good penetration property
  • Excellent fast setting property
  • Very good UV resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent waterproofing for horizontal & vertical surface
  • It can be used by spray for better results

Recommended uses:

  •  It can be poured on the areas of terraces where in normal case waterproofing is difficult
  • It can be applied on terraces where already china chips are fixed
  • It fills the joints on the china chips & forms a hard & tough transparent film
  • It can be applied on the parapet walls by brushing
  • It can be applied on bricks, stonewalls, building exterior walls on the paint surface to provide extra gloss & waterproofing property

Download Technical Datasheet:

SPLASH Technical Datasheet

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