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Sealant Gun FOR 600ML Sausage - Rubi - Imported - Heavy Duty

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The RUBI manual silicones and polyurethanes applicator with a capacity of 650 cc is also ideal for applying grout and mortar. 

Owing to its extremely light structure, made of aluminum, the RUBI manual applicator allows for easy, quick and clean application of cementitious mortar.

Use for 

  1. PU Sealant application in concrete flooring works
  2. PU Sealant application for joint sealing in structures
  3. Smooth Mortar application for tile and brick joint grouting / pointing works
  4. All type of professional caulking applications

"Advantage : Will last 4X more as compared to cheaper guns due to heavy duty washer and sturdy build of the product." 

Caulk guns are devices that help people use caulk, a type of sealant, effectively. Caulk is a substance used to seal and adhere, such as closing a gap or crack between a window frame and jamb, or a sink and a vanity. Most any space can be sealed using caulk and a caulk gun. caulking gun is a tool that holds a tube or cartridge that's filled with material used for sealing up gaps and cracks


  • Great capacity (650 cc) mortar applicator.
  • Very light structure made ​​of aluminum.
  • It allows an easy, quick and clean application.
  • Reduce consumption of grout mortar and post-grouting dirt.
  • Pressure adjustable with trigger.
  • Replaceable and adjustable nozzles to the joint width.
  • Also usable for the application of silicone and PU rigid and flexible cartridges.
  • Quick and clean application.

Directions of use


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