Rubi 25903 High Wear Resistant Steel Notched Trowel 11" x 4"

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Rubi notched trowels with open bi-color plastic handles have a special high wear resistant steel plate and corrosion protection with colorless varnish (STEEL).

The sheet on the trowels and notched trowels with open bi-color plastic handle measures 11 x 4-3/4 in.

One of the features of all RUBI trowels and notched trowels is the perfect flatness of the plate.
  • Square-notch trowels have square or rectangular notches that create mortar rows with flat spaces between them. They typically dispense more mortar than V-notch trowels, and the spaces between rows leave more room for the mortar to smush down.
Benefit of using Notched Trowel
  1. Save expensive tile adhesive.
  2. Even level of the adhesive layer
  3. Use for Self Level Epoxy or PU Flooring
  4. Apply proper quantity with optimized coverage


Use Cases & Benefit of Rubi Notched Trowel

  • Used for spreading adhesive or mortar during installation of tiles, marble, granite, bricks, AAC blocks, etc
  • Special high wear resistant steel plate. Corrosion resistance with colorless varnish
  • Perfect flatness of the plate. Ergonomic handle to prevent fatigue
  • The blade and handle are joined by stainless screws for improved durability of the tool
  • By Rubi, one of the worlds leading professional tiling tools manufacturer

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