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MasterEmaco S 348

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"Dual shrinkage compensated, trowelable fibre reinforced thixotropic repair mortar"


  • MasterEmaco S 348 trowelable mortar is a dual shrinkage compensated, thixotropic high strength formulation for structural concrete repairs.
  • MasterEmaco S 348 is suitable for placing in thicknesses of 12mm to 50 mm both vertically and overhead.
  • MasterEmaco S 348 provides a durable, strong structural repair fully compatible with host concrete.

Recommended uses:

MasterEmaco S 348 is the ideal material for vertical or horizontal structural repairs where the thickness of repair is more than 10- 12mm and use of hand or machine applied structural repair systems is required. Typical applications are:

  • Extensive repairs to beams, columns and other structural elements
  • Repair of structural members subjected to repetitive loading


MasterEmaco S 348 Technical Datasheet

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