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MasterEmaco S 346

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"Dual shrinkage compensated, flowable micro concrete for concrete repairs "


  • MasterEmaco S 346 micro concrete pourable mortar is a dual shrinkage compensated, high flow, high strength formulation for structural concrete repairs.
  • MasterEmaco S 346 is suitable for placing in thicknesses of 25mm to 200 mm.
  • MasterEmaco S 346 provides a durable, strong structural repair fully compatible with host concrete.

Recommended uses:

MasterEmaco S 346 is the ideal material for vertical or horizontal structural repairs where the thickness of repair is more than 25mm and use of pourable mortar is preferable to hand or machine applied repair systems. Typical applications are:

  •  Extensive repairs to beams, columns and other structural elements
  •  Repair of structural members subjected to repetitive loading
  •  Jacketing of beams, columns and other structural elements for strengthening


    MasterEmaco S 346 Technical Datasheet

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