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MasterSeal 511

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"A coating based on acrylic polymer for making cementitious waterproofing slurry coat" 


  • Simple to use, MasterSeal 511 is a milky-white liquid used with cement to make coating slurry.
  • It is an acrylic co-polymer based product.
  • Add cement to the MasterSeal 511 liquid in ratio of 1:2.
  • Apply on a moist surface, if hot climate cure after every coat.
  • Needs protection plaster. Should not be left exposed.

Recommended uses:

  • General Waterproofing: New Terraces, Sunken areas, Basements lift pits, inspection pits, water towers, & swimming pools, basements
  • Other typical applications: Bonding slurry coat, polymer modified flooring, render key coat, render modification, & patch repair mortars


  • Approximately 25 Sq.Ft for two coats per kg of material
  • Approximately 15-18 Sq.ft when reinforcement with fiber

Download Technical Datasheet:

MasterSeal 511 Technical Datasheet

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