ICFS 1k Assembly Polyurethane Expansion PU Foam Spray

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"Moisture curing polyurethane foam"


  • Seals and insulates wood, plastic, metal door and window frame.
  • Insulates electrical outlets, hot and cold water pipes, fills and insulates large cracks, holes, joints & openings etc.
  • Fills crack on floor and walls. Fills interconnection spaces in the roof, corrugated steel and roof tiles.
  • Excellent for interior and exterior applications.
  • Durable airtight seal-stops air infiltration, drafts and energy loss.

Recommended uses:

  • Window and Door Frame Installation, Mounting and Sealing.
  • Insulation of Electrical outlets, Hot and Cold Water Pipes, Large Cracks, Holes, Joints & Openings etc.
  • Fills Interconnection Spaces in the Roof Construction, Corrugated steel and Roof Tiles.
  • Soundproofing application on Screen, Partition Walls, Car and Boat Cabins.
  • Improving Thermal Insulation in Cooling Systems.

Usage Instructions:

 Shake the can 20-30 times. Screw the adapter nozzle firmly on to the valve up to the end, but do not over tighten. Before applying foam surface must be clean from grease and dust. Hold the can with valve facing downwards, foam extrusion can be controlled accurately by varying the pressure by tilting the adapter. To have even curing the surface must be damp.


Compatible material Wood, Plastic, Concrete, Metal, Marble, Stone
Applicator Type
Polyurethane Expanding PU Foam Sealant


1k Assembly Foam Technical Datasheet


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