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"Elastomeric, Single Component, Water-Based Waterproofing Membrane"


  • FLEXDEK 2600 is a high performance, liquid-applied waterproofing membrane of styrene acrylic polymer. It consists of a very elastic polymer with the inherent flexibility that allows the membrane to accommodate movements in the substrate.
  • It works as a seamless membrane that performs and adapt to any construction requirements in varied climatic conditions.
  • FLEXDEK 2600 is especially formulated to seal, waterproof and enhances look of exterior surfaces & roofs. It seals cracks and joints in old or new roofs /walls and simultaneously leaving a seamless finish to the roof surface. It has good adhesion with different surfaces.

Recommended uses:

  •  Fire Walls
  • Concrete slab deck and roofsNew & old roofs / walls
  • Car porch roofs
  • Fibre cement boards

Download Technical Datasheet:

FLEXDEK 2600 Technical Datasheet

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