Dichtament DS-flex

Dichtament DS-flex

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"Flexible waterproofing system"


  • Dichtament DS-flex is a flexible, hydraulically setting, two component waterproofing system for concrete, brickwork, masonry and all cement bond surfaces.
  • Dichtament DS-flex consists of a powder base substance (component A) and a
  • polymer component Emceflex 30 in liquid form (component B)
  • Dichtament DS-flex possess high flexural and tensile strengths and thus elastic in nature. Dichtament
  • DS-flex system is free from chlorides and any other corrosive substances. The system has enhanced carbonation protection.

Recommended uses:

  • Waterproofing & damp proofing to concrete , brick and masonry work, plastics, cement rendering etc.
  • Underground shafts, tunnels, roof slabs, bathrooms, basements, foundation walls, footings, retaining walls etc.
  • Surfaces exposed to dampness to dampness and moisture as well as substrates subjected to moss and fungus can successfully be resurfaced.
  • Foundation walls, footings, retaining walls etc., subjected to ground moisture, water and salt efflorescence can be well protected.



>>Dichtament DS-flex Technical Datasheet 

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