Dichtament DS

Dichtament DS

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"Waterproofing system"


  • Dichtament DS is a two pack waterproofing system for concrete, brick, masonry and all cement-bound surfaces.
  • The base component of Dichtament DS is hydraulically setting pulverized material and the second is a liquid polymer component, which produces outstanding waterproof surfaces.

Recommended uses:

  • Waterproofing and damp-proofing course to concrete structures, bricks and masonry works, cement renderings, plasters etc.
  • Underground shafts and garages, retaining walls, tunnels, water tanks, roof slabs, sewers and basements etc.
  •  Bathrooms, cellar walls and floors exposed to dampness and attacks from moss and fungus can be successfully resurfaced with Dichtament DS
  • Foundation walls and footings subjected to ground moisture, water and salt efflorescence


Dichtament DS Technical Datasheet

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