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MasterBrace 1414 ( A+B )

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"Solvent free, high performance, long potlife, versatile epoxy bonding agent"


  • MasterBrace 1414 has long potlife which helps in achieving effective bond between old and new concrete even if application of repair mortars is delayed.
  • MasterBrace 1414 can be applied to both dry and damp surfaces and adheres to most substrates after proper preparation.

Recommended uses:

  • Structural bonding of new to old concrete
  • Steel bonding
  • High temperature concrete
  • Grouting dowels


2-2.7m²/Kg depending on profile of concrete.

Product details:

  • Item Weight :  MasterBrace 1414 ( A+B ) Pack =  2.48 Kg+540 gm = 3.02 Kg ( Approx. )


MasterBrace 1414 Technical Datasheet

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