Terrace - RCC - New

Terrace - RCC - New - After Minimum 28 days of curing of the Slab

1. Surface Preparation

    • Clear and thoroughly clean the surface with wire brush, electromechanical grinders and jute brush. 
    • Ensure surface is totally dust-free by using a high speed air blower
    • Wash the surface with water to identify cracks
    • Mark the cracks with chalk to identify them properly
    2. Repair of Crack
      • Use a grinder to widen the identified crack by 8 to 10mm, clear the cavity by jute brush or blower.
      • Use solvent free epoxy BS Epoxy system Part A & Part B mixed together in the fixed ratio and to be poured in the cracks to seal the cracks
      3.  Application of Cove or Gola along the parapet wall and terrace floor
        • Ensure wall plaster is complete and cured.
        • Apply a bond coat of BS Epoxy 611 2K system by brush just before making gola . cove  of 75mm 
        • Make a mix of cement : sand: aggregate 5mm in ratio of 1: 1.5: 3, add 5% BS Smartbond 100 by weight of cement in the mix and make a cove or gola along the wall on a still wet bond coat of BS Epoxy 611 applied before.
        • Cure it for 3 days, by using jute cloth or water spray curing 3 times a day.
        4.  Application of Waterproofing Coating 
          i) Always Ensure before starting, the surface is dust free, use a high speed blower if possible or jute brush to remove any dust.
          ii) Type Cementitious 1 Part or 2 Parts
            1. Priming: Apply a coat of 2k waterborne epoxy primer  BS SmartPrime WB EP, Resin 1 Part, Hardener 2 Parts and Water 3 Parts, and apply by brush on the entire repaired and prepared surface.
            2. After a gap of 7 to 8 hours, 
              • Applying the first coat of  Acrylic Cementitious System like MoistureZero Liquid chemical mixed with cement in 1:1 ratio
              • Start from a corner to allow application of  glass fiber mesh as reinforcement to the layer of waterproofing
                • Glass fiber mesh to overlap by 5cms and leveled properly
              • After 4 hours, apply the second and third layer of MoistureZero mixed with cement in a ratio of 1:1.5 to finish the layer. 
              • On Wall / Vertical surface the application should be minimum 300mm above the gola/cove line
              3. Cure for 3 days by jute sacks after 6 hours of final coat. After curing test waterproofing for 4 day by water ponding.

                5.  Apply Protection Plaster of 8 to 10mmthickness, prepared using cement and sand in ratio of 1:4 admixed with BS smartbond 100 at 1.5% weight of cement and 6mm fiber to allow further built up of tiles etc to not damage the waterproofing.
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