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  • Sunken Area Bathroom - New - After Minimum 28 days of curing of the Slab

    1. Surface Preparation

    1. Clear and thoroughly clean the surface with wire brush, electromechanical grinders and jute brush.
    2. Ensure surface is totally dust-free by using a high speed air blower
    3. Wash the surface with water to identify cracks
    4. Mark the cracks with chalk to identify them properly

    2. Repair of Crack

    • Use a grinder to widen the identified crack by 8 to 10mm, clear the cavity by jute brush or blower.
    • Repairs the cracks with mortar made with cement : sand as 1:4 and admixed with BS smartbond 100 at 5% of the cement weight. Before applying the repair mortar apply a bond coat of BS smartbond 100 neat by brush in the crack.

    3. Application of Cove or Gola along the parapet wall and terrace floor

    • Ensure wall plaster is complete and cured.
    • Apply a bond coat of BS Smartbond 100 diluted with water 1:2 by brush just before making gola . cove of 50mm
    • Make a mix of cement : sand in ratio of 1: 4, add 5% BS Smartbond 100 by weight of cement in the mix and make a cove or gola along the wall on a still wet bond coat of BS Smartbond 100 applied before
    • Cure it for 3 days, by using jute cloth or water spray curing 3 times a day.

    4. Application of Waterproofing Coating

    a) Always Ensure before starting, the surface is dust free, use a high speed blower if possible or jute brush to remove any dust.

    b) Type Cementitious 1 Part or 2 Parts

    • Priming: Apply a coat of 2k waterborne epoxy primer BS SmartPrime WB EP, Resin 1 Part, Hardener 2 Parts and Water 3 Parts, and apply by brush on the entire repaired and prepared surface.
    • After a gap of 7 to 8 hours,
    • Applying the first coat of Acrylic Cementitious System like MoistureZero Liquid chemical mixed with cement in 1:1.5 ratio
    • After 4 hours, apply the second layer of MoistureZero mixed with cement in a ratio of 1:1.5 to finish the layer.
    • On Wall / Vertical surface the application should be minimum 300mm above the gola/cove line

    3. Cure for 3 days by jute sacks after 6 hours of final coat. After curing test waterproofing for 4 day by water ponding.

    5. Apply Protection Plaster of 8 to 10mmthickness

    prepared using cement and sand in ratio of 1:4 admixed with BS smartbond 100 at 1.5% be weight of cement and 6mm fiber to allow further built up of tiles etc to not damage the waterproofing.