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Davco K10 Sovacryl

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"Davco K10 Sovacryl is a premixed flexible acrylic waterproofing membrane that can be applied directly from the container"


Applied in a thick layer, it forms a waterproof, flexible film which adapts to the surface changes caused by tension or expansion.

Recommended uses:

  •   Waterproofing metal roofs, external walls of old buildings,   gutters and asbestos roofs
  •   Permissible substrate
  •   Metal
  •  Concrete and mortar
  •  Steel and zinc
  •  Timber
  •  Plastic and asbestos sheets
  •  Bituminous surfacing
  •  Masonry or brick


Davco K10 Sovacryl membrane - approx. 1.2-1.4 kg/m² for 2 coat at film (dry) thickness 0.6 mm - 0.7 mm


Davco K10 Sovacryl Technical Datasheet

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