BS Epoxy 616-FJ (3 Kg Kit)

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"Semi Rigid Saw Cut Joint Sealant for Concrete Flooring Joints"


  • Epoxy 616-FJ is a pre-pigmented early setting cold pour epoxy joint filling compound for concrete saw-cut joints. 
  • This epoxy system has non-brittle properties and is suitable for floor joint filling applications. Larger volume sealant can be done by adding Silica Filler. 
  • This product supports the joint edges and reduces spalling of the edges caused by wheel traffic. This System has been designed for use under ACT 302, Section 4.10 recommended for epoxy joint fillers.
  • It comes as a 3Kg Kit with Resin, Hardener, and Filler in a Ratio of 1:1:1. 

Recommended uses:

BS Epoxy 616-FJ combination is suggested for,

  1. Concrete construction and control joints in industrial floors.
  2. Crack filler repair for old floors.

Download Technical Datasheet:

BS Epoxy 616-FJ Technical Datasheet

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