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MasterSeal 551 EL ( A+B )

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"An elastomeric, cementitious, waterproof coating for concrete and masonry"


MASTERSEAL 551 EL  is an elastomeric flexible, two component polymers modified cementitious system that requires only on site mixing forming ideal waterproof coating on concrete, masonry, and most other construction materials.

Recommended uses:

Masterseal 551 is ideal:

  • Waterproofing of Roofs, Decks, Balcony, etc.
  • Water-retaining structures subjected to movements
  • Basement-waterproofing
  • To protect concrete from water, carbonation and deicing salts


 Each square metre will require minimum of 0.9 Kg of mixed material per layer. The coverage rate for each layer will be strongly influenced by the roughness of the
1.8 kg / m² in two coats to achieve 1 mm thickness.
3.6 kg / m² in three coats to achieve 2 mm thickness.

Product details:

  • Item Weight : MasterSeal 551 EL ( A+B ) Pack = 5 Kg+13 Kg = 18 Kg

Download Technical Datasheet:

Masterseal 551 Technical Datasheet

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