Zentrival HS

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"Polymer based, ready to ise tile adhesive for bonding of heavy tiles, granite, stone, insulation boards etc"


  • Zentrival HS is ready to tile adhesion on polymer basis. It is suitable for interior as well as exterior applications.
  • Zentrival HS is extremely suitable for absorbent as well as non-absorbent surfaces.
  • Zentrival HS is suitable for fixing of conventional tiles as well as marble, granite and stones slabs for exterior cladding and also for fixing the polystyrene and other insulation boards.

Recommended uses:

  •  Fixing of tiles for floors and walls.
  •  Fixing of ceramic, marble mosaic in case of murals etc
  •  Fixing of tiles on existing tile surface
  •  Bonding of heavy marble, granite and stone slabs for exterior cladding.
  •  Bonding of insulation boards and polystyrene boards by thin bed method as well as  by spot bonding.



 >>Zentrival HS Technical Datasheet 

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