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Tri Thermocoat

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TRI THERMOCOAT is a specially formulated solar radiation and heat resisting, one component acrylic co-polymer based surface coating incorporating selected white microscopic hollow ceramic spheres. The coating works as a thermal barrier, by reflecting, refracting and dissipating radiant heat.

TRI THERMOCOAT is composed of advanced hollow ceramic micro-spheres, heat resisting fillers and special pigments, bound in a special acrylic co-polymer matrix enhanced to minimize heat transmission through the coating. Applied as a thin layer [0.7 to 1 mm thick], the coating behaves like insulation on any substrate it is applied to. Due to the Ceramic Micro-spheres, the heat is partly reflected, partly dissipated and a very small amount amount is lost by convection through the coating. Areas of application, substrates and Advantages are given below.

This is the guiding principle in the design of TRI THERMOCOAT and allows minimal amount of heat to transfer to the substrate, keeping it cool and the environment in the living / occupied spaces also cool. Since it can keep the substrate and air around it cooler, lesser energy is required to heat or cool the area, leading to tremendous energy savings [Heating or AC].

The material can be used as an intermediate primer, protective topcoat or replacement for a complete insulating system. It adds to sustainability of a structure, by reducing heat gains, increasing cooling efficiency and reducing energy consumption and cooling costs.

TRI THERMOCOAT has extensive thermal insulation properties against Sunlight, UV, and Infrared radiation and can be applied on walked on surfaces. The coating will emit 90% of the incident radiation thereby keeping the substrate surface cool.

TRI THERMOCOAT can be spray, roller or brush applied, making it very easy to use.

TRI THERMOCOAT can replace bulky conventional insulation materials, or can enhance their efficiency. Applied simply as a coating, TRI THERMOCOAT saves energy, provides durability to substrates and enhances comfort in terms of temperature regulation in a building.
A cool roof is one that has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less
heat than a standard roof. Nearly any type of building can benefit from a cool roof, but
consider the climate and other factors before deciding to install one. Standard or dark
roofs can reach temperatures of 65°C or more in the summer sun. A cool roof under
the same conditions could stay more than 10-15°C cooler and save energy and money
by using less air conditioning. TRI THERMOCOAT can easily turn any roof into a cool-roof.