Tikiseal PU 25

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"PU Based Joint Sealant"


  • TIKISEAL PU25 is ready to use one component high performance PU based U.V, weather and temperature resistant non-staining gun grade elastomeric sealant.
  • Once cured, TIKISEAL PU25 forms a highly flexible and durable elastomeric seal that strongly adheres to most construction and industrial substrates.
  • TIKISEAL PU25 is specially formulated non-staining sealant for application to various substrate associated with modern façade construction.

Recommended uses:

TIKISEAL PU25 is highly suitable for sealing joints in building facades:

  • Where high movement is anticipated
  • Non-staining is a requirement
  • Prestige finish is important
  • Extreme weather conditions are expected
  • It is also ideal for sealing connection and expansion joints in building structure 

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