Roofex WB 2200 ( Set of 5 Pack )

Roofex WB 2200 ( Set of 5 Pack )

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"Ready-to-use Single Component Elastomeric Membrane Forming Compound for Durable Waterproofing and Protection System specially for curved features"


  • An effective and reliable waterproofing and protection system .
  • Roofex 2000 is a unique coating system, specifically developed to ensure durable and optimal waterproofing in protection of complex roofs, balconies, terraces, sunshades etc.
  • Roofex 2000 forms a seamless and joint free, watertight, flexible and elastic membrane, thereby making the treated surfaces absolutely impervious to water.

Recommended uses: 

  • Waterproofing of new surfaces as well as for the repairs of old untreated surfaces
  • Well sloped horizontal as well as vertical surfaces like flashings, roof slabs, terraces, balconies, sun shades, parapet walls, roof edgings, gulleys, steeply pitched roof designs, etc.
  • Extremely suitable for waterproofing of terrace gardens, swimming pools, basements on account of its water proofing properties and being physiologically harmless in addition to being resistant to attack by fungus, roots and micro-organisms growth.

Product details:

  • Item Weight : 40 Kg ( Set of 5 Pack ) = 200 Kg 


 >> Roofex 2000 Technical Datasheet 

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