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"High strength, shrinkage compensated, flowable cementitious grout"


  • MASTERFLOW 918 is Portland-cement-based, shrinkage-compensated, high-strength grout that conforms to Corps of Engineers CRD-C-621 and ASTM C 1107.
  • Its non-metallic formula does not rust, bleed, or harm metals on contact.
  • Its cost effectiveness makes it ideal for large jobs.

Recommended uses:

  • Structural columns
  •  Machinery bases
  •  Bearing plates
  •  Pump and equipment bases
  •  Rail posts
  •  Seating bolts
  •  Power-line stanchions
  •  Food and chemical plants
  •  General new construction
  •  Turbines & compressors
  •  Heavy duty motors and pumps
  •  Masts & fence posts


Each bag of 25kg of mixing with 4L of water (Flowable) yields 13.2 L i.e. approximately 76 x 25kg bags / m³ When extended with 12.5 kg of aggregate (SG: 2.6) per bag of MASTERFLOW 918, the yield will be 18L, and with 25kg of aggregate, the yield will be 22.5 L .


MASTERFLOW 918 Technical Datasheet

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