Emcoril AC

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"Ready to use, liquid membrane forming compound based on acrylic emulsions for curing concrete"


  • Emcoril AC is an acrylic emulsion based membranes forming curing compounds, to be brushed or sprayed on the fresh concrete only once, at initial stage which is the critical hardening period of concrete or mortar.
  • It forms a seamless film on the surface of the fresh cast concrete and mortars, which arrests the evaporation of water from the capillaries and prevents quick drying of the concrete.

Recommended uses:

  •  Suitable for areas where early plastering is foreseen.
  •  Concrete roads and bridges.
  •  Suitable for curing of concrete roads, bridges canal lining, airport run-ways, water ways, harbor, dams sport areas, ice rinks, Pre-cast piles, roof decks, slabs, retaining walls, girders, beams overhead repair spot, chimneys, cooling towers, other tall structures.



 >> Emcoril AC Technical Datasheet 

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