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"Liquid membrane forming compound for curing concrete"


  • Emcoril White is membrane forming curing compounds, to be brushed or sprayed on the fresh concrete only once, at very initial stages which is the critical hardening period of concretes or mortars.
  • Emcoril curing compounds form a seamless film on the surface of the evaporation of water from the capillaries and prevents quick drying of the concrete avoiding the cracks and enabling the concrete to hydrate efficiently.

Recommended uses:

  • Can be used everywhere efficient curing is required.
  • Suitable for large area of concrete which are directly exposed to sunlight; heavy winds other environmental influences.
  • Suitable for curing of Concrete roads, bridges canal lining, airport run-ways, water ways, harbor, port piers, dams , Pre-cast piles, pipes, roof decks, slabs, retaining walls, girders, beams overhead repair spot, chimneys, cooling towers, other tall structures.


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