Dreitop FH Standard ( Set of 20 Pack )

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"Non metallic dry shake concrete surface hardener for high abrasion resistant toppings in heavily stressed areas"


  • Dreitop Floorhard Standard is a ready to use, non-metallic, floor and surface hardening agent based on very hard natural aggregates.
  • The application of Dreitop Floorhard Standard provides wear resistance to concrete surfaces there by extending the service life of industrial commercial and residential floors.
Recommended uses:
  • Suitable for application in automobile, aircraft engineering, foundries, dairies, tanneries, Breweries, Chemical plants, Electrical industries, power plants, food industries, pharmaceutical plants. Printing presses, public buildings, metallurgical industry, military and ammunition factory, slaughter houses, steel mills etc and for toppings & floorings of assembly storage halls and warehouses, loading and unloading raft and bays as well as for civil engineering structures and hydraulics, passage-ways, exhibition halls, stadiums, railway platforms, Utility buildings, paper sores, bunkers and courtyards use by traffics, workshops, shop floors, hangers, shipyards, car-ramps , hard toppings for any indoor or outdoor floor installations etc.
  •  All areas subjected to heavy wear tear rolling and impact.

Product details:

  • Item Weight : 30 Kg ( Set of 20 Pack ) = 600 Kg 


 >> Dreitop FH Standard Technical Datasheet 

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