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Davco K10 721 PU Injection for Cracks B

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"Polyurethane Injection for Sealing Of Cracks"


  • Davco 721 PU is a two parts polyurethane system having a resin component and a hardener.
  • This is perfect for a durable & elastic sealing of cracks in concrete structures and areas having water leakage problems.
  • For professional use.

Recommended uses:

  • The use of Davco 721 PU depends on the amount of water expected. In case the crack is touch dry but moist Davco 721 PU can be used directly into the crack
  • If flowing leakage of water has to be stopped, Davco 721 PU could be used in combination with the PU Waterstop to stop flow of water
    • PU Waterstop stops the flowing water by reacting with water in a fast manner. After which the injection of 721 PU can be carried out.


5 kg set (Part A : 3.125 kg, Part B : 1.875 kg)


Davco K10 721 PU Technical Datasheet

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