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TERRAMITE TC ( Set of 10 Pack )

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"Anti termite treatment before starting construction"


Creates an effective barrier against termite colonies. To be done on compacted soil and also after laying of P.C.C or Plain cement Concrete.

Directions for Dilution:

  • To be used by diluting with water in ratio of 1 part chemical to 19 Parts water when used on dug up basement or masonry surface like PCC.
  • To be diluted with kerosene oil in ratio of 1 part chemical to 10 parts oil when used on wood features.

Advice on application:

  1. For ground application
    1. After soil is compacted, use an iron rod to make 6" to 10" deep holes in a grid pattern 1 feet by 1 feet apart
    2. Pour the diluted material using a mug in the hole till it is saturated
    3. No need to fill the hole again after the chemical is absorbed
    4. Fill all the holes on the ground using the same method
    5. To apply on vertical surface such as basement walls, spray the liquid using a  shoulder carried sprayer
    6. Use rubber gloves when handling this material

Poisonous material to be kept away from pets, children, food and any consumable items.
Empty cans to be disposed off by burning or after cleaning responsibly.

Product details:

  • Item Weight : 20 Litre ( Set of 10 Pack ) = 180 Kg (Approx.)


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