TECHSEAL RDL 911 ( Set of 4 Pack )
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TECHSEAL RDL 911 ( Set of 4 Pack )

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  • TECHSEAL RDL 910/911 are two component sealant based on ‘THIOKOL’ – Polysulphide liquid elastomer.
  • It consists of a ‘base’ compound and ‘accelerator’ (Curing Agent).
  • When the two components are mixed together prior to application, a chemical reaction is initiated which cures instantly to a firm, flexible rubber like seal with excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, wood, glass, acrylic and PVC plastics.
  • It is capable of withstanding repeated extension, compression & cyclic movements without the loss of adhesion and resists deterioration by weathering, sunlight, ozone, water, salt, oils and fuels.
  • It is far superior to all the conventional joint sealing material like bitumen, mastics, metallic channels and expansion sheets.
  • RDL-910 (Gun Grade) is a non-sag material used for sealing of horizontal, vertical & ceiling joints RDL-911 (Pour Grade) is a pourable & self leveling material used for sealing of horizontal joints only.

Recommended uses:

  • Sealing of expansion, contraction & construction joints in building structure such as, buildings, roof terraces & ceilings & Sealing of dynamic structural cracks where maximum movement capability is not more than 20%
  • Glazing joints of window, door frame and curtain walls 
  • Joints & ‘J’ bolts of asbestos sheet roofing
  • Sealing of water retaining structure joints such as, Water tank, reservoir, aquaducts
  • Sealing of joints in traffic areas such as industrial floors, and car parking areas
  • Expansion joints of retaining walls  

Product details:

  • Item Weight : 6.5 Kg ( Set of 4 Pack ) = 26 Kg 

Download Technical Datasheet:

TECHSEAL RDL 911 Technical Datasheet

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