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Square Notched Trowel ( Set of 5 Pack )

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  • Square-notch trowels have square or rectangular notches that create mortar rows with flat spaces between them. They typically dispense more mortar than V-notch trowels, and the spaces between rows leave more room for the mortar to smush down.

Recommended uses:

  • Tile trowels are essential tool for applying tile mortar to wall or floor surfaces. But they do more than move the mortar from your mixing bucket to the installation site. A trowel also acts as a metered dispensing system, delivering just the right amount of mortar for the tile.
  • Dispenses more mortar
  • Use for floor tile
  • Greater space between extruded mortar rows

Product details:

  • Item Weight :  Set of 5 Pack  = 1.5 Kg 

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