MC-Einpresshilfe EH / Cebex ( Set of 5 Pack )

MC-Einpresshilfe EH / Cebex ( Set of 5 Pack )

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"Expansive Plasticized Grouting Admixture"


  • MC-Einpresshilfe EH is an admixture for grouting ducts in post tensioned or pre-stressed concrete structures using cementitious grout. It ensures permanent contact and an excellent bond with the grouted surfaces.
  • The expanding properties decrease the natural settlement of the fines before the starting of initial set and reduces shrinkage of the grout so that a good workability and a proper grouting operation is achieved.
  • Within 3 days after grouting a high frost- resistance is obtained which fulfills the regulations for grouting prestressed structures.

 Recommended uses:

  • For grouting ducts in post tension, Pre-stressed concrete structures.
  • Can be admixed with most standard cement types.
  • For pressure grouting of structures in repair and rehabilitation.
  • In production of non-shrink grouts.


Product details:

  • Item Weight :
    • 5 Kg ( Set of 5 Pack ) = 25 Kg 
    • 30 Kg ( Set of 5 Pack ) = 150 Kg 

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