MC-Corrodur ( Set of 5 Pack )

MC-Corrodur ( Set of 5 Pack )

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"High performance chloride free admixture for protection and control of reinforcement corrosion" 


MC-Corrodur admixed concrete gives effective protection against corrosion. It is chloride free and easy to use and can be added to the concrete at site and is compatible with all
types of cement and prevents the future maintenance costs to be incurred on repair thereby making it economical. MCCorrodur can be effectively used in pre-cast concrete.

Recommended uses: 

  •  Recommended for all Steel reinforced Concretes.
  •  Particularly suitable to the Structure Vulnerable to chloride attack such as bridges,  jetties & parking decks, basements etc.,
  •  Also suitable for roadway surfaces, run off culverts, Concrete pipes and concrete in polluted chemical industries areas.
  • Can be used in Pre-Cast and Pre-stressed Concrete.

Product details:

  • Item Weight : 30 Kg ( Set of 5 Pack ) = 150 Kg 


 >> MC-Corrodur Technical Datasheet 

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