MC–BondAid Plast ( Set of 5 Pack )

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"Polymer Bonding agent for Excellent Bonding Between Old and New Concrete and Plastering Aid"


  • MC-Bond Aid Plast is polymer liquid of non-ionic characteristics when applied on concrete member of masonry, develops a polymer bonding membrane which exhibits excellent bonding properties a secures a permanent bonding of new concrete or plaster.
  • The coat of MC-Bond Aid Plast not only improves the bonding characteristics but degree of waterproofing is also considerably improved. Laboratory specimen have shown that even on smoothest glazed tile surface, plaster is held up tightly with MC-Bond Aid Plast.

Recommended uses:

  • To be used as bonding agent for RCC structures, beams, columns
  •  For bonding of old concrete to new concrete
  •  For bonding of plaster to brick and masonry
  •  Bonding coat before guniting
  •  Bond coat before commencement of repairs
  •  Bonding of new plaster to old concrete

Product details:

  • Item Weight :
    • 1 Kg ( Set of 5 Pack ) = 5 Kg 
    • 5 Kg ( Set of 5 Pack ) = 25 Kg 
    • 30 Kg ( Set of 5 Pack ) = 150 Kg 


>>MC–BondAid Plast Technical Datasheet 

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