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MasterPel 777 ( Set of 5 Pack )

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"Robust 2-in-1 High Performance, Water Reducing and Water Proofing Concrete / Mortar Admixture"


  • MasterPel 777 is an innovative liquid admixture designed specifically to allow superior workability in concrete / mortar mixes with reduced water and also achieve high resistance to water ingress.
  • It is based on a specially formulated polymers and compatible with all types of cement and binders (like fly ash, ground granulated slag, silica fume, metakaolin, etc).

Recommended Uses:

  • MasterPel 777 can be used in all types of concrete and mortar that is used in all types of residential, commercial and infrastructural construction
  • Additionally, it can be used in concrete applications constantly or intermittently in contact with water such as sea walls, tunnels, basements, structural and pre-cast concrete in exposed superstructures
  • MasterPel 777 is used as a dual action admixture combining both the waterproofing cum plasticizing effect for cement concrete, mortars and plasters

Product details:

  • Item Weight : 20 Litre ( Set of 5 Pack ) = 100 Kg ( Approx. )


MasterPel 777 Technical Datasheet

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