K11 Flex ( Set of 10 Pack )

K11 Flex ( Set of 10 Pack )

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Davco K11 Flex is a flexible 2-part polymer-modified cementitious waterproofing system. The 2-components of Davco K11 Flex react chemically after mixing to form a hard and elastic film which bonds tenaciously to most concrete or masonry substrate to protect against possible ingress of water.

Recommended uses:

Apply on internal and external surface of wall and slab, swimming pools, kitchens, toilets, balcony, water tanks. External areas parking deck, planter boxes, sealing precast joints and intersection of two concrete.

Product details:

  • Item Weight : 23 Kg ( Set of 10 Pack ) = 230 Kg 

Download Technical Datasheet:

K11 Flex Technical Datasheet

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