BS TopHard-CH

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"Coloured Dry Shake Hardener For Concrete Flooring"


  • BS TopHard is a premixed, pigmented, non-metallic, ready to use matrix in powder with quartz, designed for application as a dry shake or as a wet on wet application over freshly floated concrete screed to get a monolithic coloured flooring with increased abrasion resistance.
  • The product is manufactured using hardwearing natural aggregates with chemistry to allow higher dosages per sqm to achieve shade evenness. 
  • The results show that BS TopHard considerably reduces the depth of wear when suitably applied as per recommendations.
  • It can be polished to a high gloss finish using suitable densification, grinding and polishing systems by any compatible systems.

Recommended uses:

BS TopHard-CH is recommended for treating floor areas, requiring aesthetic appeal along with superior abrasion resistance but not exposed to serious chemical attack. Application areas include

  • Parking Areas
  • Malls and Commercial Establishments
  • Corridors and Halls
  • Showrooms, Hotels and Residential Projects
  • Aircraft Hangars  
  • Basements and cellars 
  • Mechanical workshops 
  • Garage for light vehicles 


BS TopHard-CH Technical Datasheet

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BS TopHard-CH is a coloured hardener system to be used a dryshake hardener or as wet on wet system, allowing coloured concrete flooring, that can also be polished further to enhance the look of the flooring.


  1. Minimum Order 10 Bags for Each / Single Shade will only be accepted or 200Kg MOQ for Single Shade acceptable for Order Processing.
  2. Lesser Qty Order if Placed shall be refunded. 
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