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Beck Bond PU Mcoat 28 A

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"Polyurethane based corrosion resistant metal coating"


  • Beck Bond PU Mcoat 28 is two component polyurethane based coating available in different colours for metal coating applications.
  • It cures to form smooth corrosion resistant coating.

Recommended uses:

Beck Bond PU Mcoat 28 is ideal for coating of
  •  Metal structures exposed to marine or saline atmospheres
  •  Chemical & corrosion resistant coating in chemical industries like fertilizer, paper, textile, etc.,
  •  Coating for machine tools & equipment
  •  Coating of pipelines, storage tanks,
  •  Coating of metal structures, etc.
  •  Sterile areas of Pharma plants, hospitals, etc.


Beck Bond PU Mcoat 28 Technical Datasheet

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