MC–Schnell SDS

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"A universal accelerator and quick setting aid for plugging and sealing mortars"


  • MC-Schnell SDS is a liquid accelerator to be used as an admixed to concretes or mortars.
  • The setting time will be shortened upto 2-3 minutes depending upon the amount added.
  • Apart from quick setting, mortar can be used efficiently to plug and seal in rushes of water.

Recommended uses:

  • To stop water leakages and seepage in basement, shafts and galleries, tunnels etc
  •  Rapid sealing of water tanks, coolers etc
  •  For quick rendering work to keep out ground or seepage water
  •  For quick installing railing posts, tie bars
  •  For underwater concreting of P.C.C etc.



>>MC–Schnell SDS Technical Datasheet 


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