Centriplast FF 90

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"Super-Plasticizer for High Early and Final Strengths"


  • Centriplast FF 90 is a super plasticizer for high early and final strength based on Melamine Formaldehyde.
  • It produces high early and final strength coupled with improved workability and is therefore particularly suitable for the pre-cast industry.
  • Centriplast FF 90 will not affect the setting of concrete nor increase the entrainment of air.

Recommended uses:

  •  As a super plasticizer for Pre-cast Industries.
  •  For production of high Strength Concrete.
  •  Can be used for production of pre-stressed concrete.
  •  Also suitable to be used for Ready mix concrete production.
  •  Suitable where early deshuttering and less compaction is required.



>>Centriplast FF 90  Technical Datasheet



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